Andrew Bogut

The season is not playing out well for the Dallas Mavericks, and center Andrew Bogut is ready to get himself out of there at the first possible opportunity. That’s how it seems at least based on recent comments made in an interview with Sky Sports Radio in Australia. Bogut made sure to mention he will be a free agent at the end of the season and referred to himself as a tradeable commodity.

Yeah, he has no interest in playing in Dallas any more.

“Thankfully I’m a free agent here so I only have a couple of months more here and then will most likely move on,” Bogut said. “I don’t see myself hanging around with everything that’s gone on. It will be an interesting six months ahead.”

He continued to respond to a question about whether he believes he will be traded (which he very likely is hoping will be the case).

“I’ve got a valuable contract … having four months left on my contract I’m a valuable commodity to be moved,” he said.

Yikes. That sure won’t please owner Mark Cuban, and it sure should not sit well with Bogut’s teammates in Dallas. Making things even worse is this is coming from a bench player who requested to be a full-time bench player. This sure wouldn’t fly in the Portland locker room, that’s for sure.

Regardless of whether or not Bogut gets traded somewhere else by the trade deadline next month, Bogut is already keeping an eye on free agency.

“There’s a lot more cash floating around in the off-season,” Bogut said. “Teams are going to start trying to free up some cap space to go after certain guys. The silly season will be absolutely nuts going into the trade deadline.

“I don’t really read too much online. I have a direct contact with the people managing me and see what they have to say about it.”

Teams may be ready to free up cash, but given these comments it would seem very unlikely Dallas will enter the bidding war for Bogut.


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