Are you at least 6-foot-5 and have a unibrow? If so, then New Orleans Pelicans standout Anthony Davis has the job for you!

The 23-year-old NBA superstar has decided he needs to hire a personal assistant, and laid out a specific set of requirements for this position in a Craigslist post.

Here are the specifications Davis has given for this personal assistant job:

Looking for someone to help me out so I can focus on getting ready for the season.

Job duties include:

Dry cleaning runs
Meeting with fans and doing media interviews
Some ball skills preferred, but not required
Able to move around town and keep a low profile
Preferably 6′ 5″ or taller; good dresser
Unibrow or heavy eyebrows a plus. Please send photos.



You would think that someone like Davis — with the ability to shell out some cash for an assistant — would probably be able to go somewhere other than Craigslist to hire an assistant.

Also, this listing makes it sound like Davis wants more of a stunt double than an assistant. The requirements definitely include some strange needs that are definitely going to limit the candidate field.

If Davis is able to find a person that fits the description, we will need to see him or her immediately. We should probably also be a little cautious about whether this is real or not. Davis himself has yet to actually reference this post.


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