Of all the people who have memed a screenshot from the children’s cartoon Arthur over the past few months, LeBron James may have attracted the most attention.

LeBron’s Instagram post with the quote “Mood…” and a pic of Arthur’s closed fist drew many avenues of speculation as well a bit of trolling by other NBA teams and by Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

One person who appreciated LeBron giving a nod to Arthur was Executive Producer Carol Greenwald. Talking to For The Win, Greenwald was happy to see a positive role-model like LeBron posting Arthur memes. Maybe even a potential guest spot.

“I’m thrilled that people think Arthur is meaningful to them and so meaningful that they’d would want to use it to express their thoughts, feelings and to make jokes,” Greenwald told For The Win on Wednesday. “I’m delighted.”

“LeBron is active in the Cleveland community, he has a foundation and has worked a lot with youth,” Greenwald said. “I admire that about him. He’s a great role model for kids, articulate and smart. It’s so great he’s using Arthur.”

“The great thing about what he’s doing here is talking about feelings,” Greenwald pointed out. “One of the things we do is recognize kids have a range of moods and feelings, and that it’s not necessarily wrong to feel disappointed or upset. I’d love to have LeBron talk to kids about that.”

That is a pretty cool way to look at it because kids aren’t going to look at LeBron’s Instagram post and assume he’s got a beef with Kyrie Irving or anything else. They’re going to see LeBron’s post as he’s a fan of the show and it’s cool.

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