Bryan Colangelo

The saga of Sixers president of basketbll operations Bryan Colangelo and five Twitter accounts to which he and/or his wife have been fairly convincingly linked has taken over the NBA Twittersphere this week.

That’s no mean feat, considering it’s also Finals week, but the story is just too entertaining and weird to not have taken hold, which is why it’s been the whole conversation ever since The Ringer broke it on Tuesday night. It seemed highly unlikely that Colangelo wasn’t involved in some capacity, and any doubt should have been completely removed yesterday, when it became apparent that his wife almost certainly has a connection to some of the accounts in question.

And now, via Keith Pompey of, we know there’s a chance the Sixers investigation wraps up within a few days, maybe as early as Friday, and that some people already believe Colangelo has no chance to keep his job:

The 76ers are expected to finish their investigation into allegations against Bryan Colangelo within the next few days, if not Friday, according to league sources.

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