With the Los Angeles Lakers visiting Atlanta on Tuesday, Hawks fans decided to troll superstar Lakers forward LeBron James. Normally, people like to let LeBron know they think he’s not as good as Michael Jordan. But Hawks’ fans found an angle that might actually sting more.

During the end of the first quarter with James at the free throw line, “Kobe’s better” chants filled State Farm Arena.

The chants might have gotten to LeBron as he subsequently missed the free throw. Although let’s be honest, he’s been human at the free throw line this season, shooting a career-low 67 percent, a sharp drop from his 73 percent career average.

Is Kobe Bryant actually better than LeBron? In our humble opinion, LeBron is the GOAT. But that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of the chant. James is going to (stupidly) be compared to Kobe simply for wearing the blue and gold. Opposing fans might use it to their advantage as well try to play some mind games.

Hawks fans remain among the loudest and best in the league. Clearly, they’re among the most creative as well. Never stop chanting, guys.


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