Earlier this year, the Seattle Mariners started selling fried grasshoppers at concession stands during home games at Safeco Field, and they watched the weird menu item become a smash hit.

After seeing Seattle’s success, another American sports franchise is getting into the act by selling edible insects at games – the Atlanta Hawks are rolling out *crickets* on their menu this season.

Per ESPN, the Hawks will be serving dried crickets and cricket tacos this season, with a cricket sandwich also in the works.

A one ounce bag of crickets, in a sweet and spicy flavoring Aketta made just for the Hawks, sells for $4.50. A taqueria in the arena is offering three tacos with crickets, avocado, cilantro, onion and queso for $12.

DiCicco said a pimento cheese sandwich with deep fried cricket crumbs is being worked on and will be available sometime this season.

The Hawks have also installed a courtside bar (!!!!!) at Philips Arena this season, which looks pretty amazing.

I’m not much of an NBA guy, but I’m all about both of these additions this year. Well done, Hawks.


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