ayesha curry

When all else fails, when your husband and his friends fail to stop LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and allow the Cavs to stave off elimination, you can always blame the refs.

That’s NBA First Lady Ayesha Curry’s motto, at least.

Well Ayesha, they’re probably not going to be fined just because you disagree with them, no. And you guys lost by 15 points, so this one was probably about more than the officials.

For the matriarch of a family known for being quaint and agreeable, Ayesha Curry sure does have opinions. From her tweet about women “barely wearing clothes” to her jab at LeBron this ref-blaming, she’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind on Twitter.

Calling out refs is really an emerging pastime for NBA Wives. Back in April, Dwyane Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union went on a multi-tweet anti-ref tirade, suggesting officials be fined AND suspended after she felt they missed a foul on her husband.

Maybe next time Riley Curry will be the one to complain about the officiating.

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