Kobe Bryant’s last game as a Los Angeles Laker was one for the ages as the future Hall of Famer put up 60 points for quite the photo finish. Bryant’s last game was one of the most anticipated for a retiring legend, and it was a once in a lifetime event.

Now, entrepreneurial fans are taking the opportunity to preserve that moment for eternity, as several bags of air (yes, bags of air) from Bryant’s last game at Staples Center recently hit eBay on Sunday, with bidding starting at the time at a very affordable price of $1.

While there may be questions of legitimacy regarding whether this air really came from inside Staples Center during Bryant’s final game, why not take a chance? $1 is a pretty good bargain for some Los Angeles oxygen.

But, things escalated quickly as bids of $15,000 emerged for the listed bag of air. From the way the list appears, the top bidders for the item were reputable buyers on eBay. One of them even had an eBay buyer rating of 480. They’re clearly determined to own a memento, no matter how insane it may be, of one of the most historical moments in sports. That’s pure dedication.


Source: SI Extra Mustard
Source: SI Extra Mustard


Despite the major bids, the listing for the bag of air was smartly taken down from eBay. Given that someone was bound to lose a lot of money over a bag of air, it was likely for the best that the listing was taken down. It just goes to show what some people are willing to do to obtain something from an NBA legend’s final game. No matter what you think of Bryant, people at least have a good idea of how much his air is worth.

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