Game Four of the Toronto Raptors-Miami Heat series went to overtime Monday night, but it was far from spectacular. The Raptors shot just 39.3 per cent from the field on the night, and while the Heat made a decent 45 per cent of their field goals overall, they hit just one of 15 three-pointers (6.7 per cent). Even the overtime wasn’t too thrilling, with the Heat outscoring the Raptors 11-4 and pulling away easily, even if a late Dwyane Wade layup got hung up on the rim:


That caused plenty to chime in on the lack of thrills in this game:

And the ball even got both Drake’d and Crying Jordan’d:

Maybe the rim was trying to join the protests against Wade for shooting during the Canadian national anthem in Game Three? Regardless, the Heat went on to win 94-87 and tie the series at two, allowing viewers to switch over to see Steph Curry’s return to the court in the Warriors-Blazers game. However, even that was bad early, with the Warriors down 21-5 at one point. They came back to only trail 24-18 at the end of the first quarter, though, so perhaps there’s hope for the NBA playoffs yet, as long as no further balls decide to take a nap on the rim.

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