The Brooklyn Nets have designs on an NBA Finals trip this year, and today they were in Miami taking on last year’s Eastern Conference champion.

The Heat haven’t had the season they wanted to have following up the Finals trip, sitting in seventh place in the East and facing a play-in tournament appearance. Today, though, they had a chance to make a statement against a top contender, and that’s what they did, thanks to this Bam Adebayo iso with the game tied and just seconds left on the clock.

Adebayo’s bucket drew praise from a Heat legend:

The Nets lost more than the game, too, with Kevin Durant exiting due to injury, though hopefully it’s not one that will keep him out for any real length of time:

The regular season is coming to a close, and the playoffs are shaping up to be quite something. If the season ended today and the Heat survived the play-in games, Heat/Nets would be a first-round matchup. Yes, please.

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