Ben Simmons

Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons got to be in attendance for Serena Williamslast tennis match. The drawback was that he didn’t get a very supportive welcome when they showed him on the big screen. In fact, he got boos from the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

That’s a bit uncharacteristic for the NYC tennis crowd but Simmons is certainly a polarizing figure. Simmons’ tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers ended with a holdout and a back injury so he was traded to the Nets. But even with a new team, Simmons hasn’t played and who knows when he’s going to be back on the court. Fans are growing impatient and while it’s debatable if it’s fair or not to boo Simmons everywhere he goes, the fact of the matter is fans are doing it.

Let this be a lesson for venues. It’s great to promote the famous people who are at the game but if it’s Ben Simmons, maybe don’t show him and there’s an opportunity for the crowd to boo. Unless you don’t like him and want to see him booed, then I guess go ahead and show him.

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