Considering LaVar Ball’s adventures in Lithuania, plans for a non-college league and stirs created in the U.S. with his comments about Luke Walton, it would be easy to forget that he’s also seemingly the head of a shoe company. Maybe Ball has forgotten that as well, at least when it comes to customer service. TMZ reported Monday that Big Baller Brand is now in some hot water with the other BBB; the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is warning consumers about BBB — the Better Business Bureau tells TMZ Sports the Big Baller Brand is a disaster … and has earned the lowest possible rating, an F. 

Ever since LaVar Ball launched the apparel company, the BBB has been inundated with complaints from customers who either didn’t get their orders … or got the wrong items. 

If you’re into keeping stats — how’s this: Big Baller has 41 negative reviews and ZERO positive … with 33 formal complaints on file. 

…The BBB reached out to Big Baller Brand twice to help resolve their issues — but no one at Big Baller ever called them back. 

Blair Looney, CEO of Better Bus. Bureau Central CA, tells TMZ Sports consumers should be very careful when considering making a Big Baller purchase. 

Some of the complaints are great, too:

A complaint about Big Baller Brand.

Yep, calling an angry customer a “small baller” is really going to win them over. Great business practices from Big Baller Brand here.

[The Big Lead; photo from Sneaker News]

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