Brett Favre and Giannis Antetokounmpo, two titans inside the history of Wisconsin’s pro sports scene met Wednesday night, creating a cool moment for Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks fans.

Favre and his grandson sat courtside as Antetokounmpo led Milwaukee to a 135-126 win over the Kings in Sacramento. Following the game, Favre used his Wisconsin sports cachet to enter Milwaukee’s locker room.

“It was fun watching you,” Favre told the Bucks. “First time I ever saw a pro game in person, believe it or not. I enjoyed it. Giannis, damn you’re good, man.”

“Good” might be an understatement for the former NBA MVP, who led Milwaukee to their first championship in 50 years last season. After Favre’s mundane speech, his grandson walked around the locker room, chatting with some of the players.

When he arrived at Antetokounmpo’s locker, the 27-year-old NBA superstar offered to gift his game-worn jersey to the young Favre.

“Want this jersey?” Antetokounmpo asked. “It’s kinda sweaty. It’s yours!”

Despite the sweat, Favre’s grandson was all smiles over the gesture and enthusiastically acknowledged, “I’m gonna hang this on the wall!”

While Favre’s grandson soaked up the moment, the most interesting aspect of the visit was the stunning admission by the former Packers quarterback. At 52-years-old, Wednesday night was Favre’s first ever NBA game?

Milwaukee isn’t exactly close to Green Bay, but Favre never made it to one Bucks game during his time in Wisconsin? He didn’t catch a Knicks game with teammates during his one frustrating season with the New York Jets? Better late than never.

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