Bucks fan wins $10,000 half-court shot

The Milwaukee Bucks opted to sit all of their starters for Friday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Some may think that this could make for a lackluster game. However, one Bucks fan provided some excitement during the team’s halftime show.

Friday’s halftime show gave one Bucks fan a chance to make $10,000 by making a half-court shot with a time limit. At first, he didn’t have much of a rhythm, missing badly on a number of attempts.

However, he came through with a clutch shot at the opportune time, making his last attempt at the buzzer to win the prize.

Bucks forward Jae Crowder took notice of the shot, celebrating with the fan and hilariously helping him up off the court after he fell running around in excitement.

This fan achieved a dream that millions of fans have at home. Many took to social media to offer praise to him for his awesome moment.


Funny enough, this actually isn’t the first time that this has happened at a Bucks game this year, or even this week. A Bucks fan did that same thing during halftime of their matchup on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls.

Unfortunately for other Bucks fans in attendance, this was seemingly the peak of excitement in Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee on Friday night. They would go on to lose to the Grizzlies 137-114 after going to the half with a one-point lead.

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