For once, an article about an NBA player not named Draymond Green being ejected for hitting another NBA player in the junk.

That NBA player who was ejected: New Orleans Pelicans’ guard Buddy Hield.

The victim: Sacramento Kings’ center DeMarcus Cousins.

The scene of the crime: The Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

The time of the crime: 2:55 left in the second quarter of Sunday’s game with New Orleans ahead 50-39.

Okay, here’s the video since that’s probably what everyone wants to see:

Here’s a couple thoughts on the situation mostly regarding Cousins:

  1. He didn’t look to be in that much pain, and was instead more focused on Hield getting called for a technical than his own future children.
  2. For once, Cousins is on the receiving end of a foul that results in a technical instead of you know, committing the foul that results in one. After all, just last week, Cousins picked up a technical and was ejected with ONE SECOND LEFT (and with it being his 16th technical foul on the season, it resulted in an automatic one-game suspension for the following Kings game).
  3. Cousins was protecting his manhood while setting a screen, and then moved his hands before Hield made contact with his junk. If only Cousins stayed in his screen position, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.
  4. Really, Hield? There was a ref right there staring at you! That’s the easiest call to make if you’re the ref.

Naturally, after the incident occurred, Twitter went nuts:

The next date to circle on your calendar is March 31st. On that night at 8:00 PM EST, the New Orleans Pelicans will host the Sacramento Kings in a junk-shot rematch. Time will tell if Cousins retaliates or decides to take the high road against Hield.


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