LeBron celebrates the Cavs' improbable comeback after allowing 79 first-half points against the Raptors.

It’s been quite the week for NBA comebacks. On Tuesday night, the Boston Celtics became the first NBA team this season to post a win after being down by five points or more in the final 16.8 seconds, and on Wednesday, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors 132-129. That made the Cavs the first team since 1990 to win after allowing 79 or more first-half points:

How’d they do that? Well, a historic turnover-less performance from LeBron James helped:

That’s pretty, pretty good, especially considering that unlike those other two, James isn’t a point guard. Of course, Skip Bayless et al will still find ways to bash James over that, but that’s quite a dominant performance from him. Kevin Love also chipped in a nice 23-point, 12-rebound, four-assist night. And it’s an impressive win for the Cavs, who improve to 42-29 (third in the East, behind the 48-23 Celtics and the 53-19 Raptors), and a nice comeback, as they trailed 79-64 at the half (thanks to being outscored 41-22 in the second quarter). And it gave them a historic comeback, and even made them an answer to a trivia question.


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