Cavs fan eats shirt

Every year (hell, every month), articles are published on various websites, including right here on The Comeback about crazy fans who get tattoos predicting championships. Additionally, there are articles about fans how make even weirder bets for different teams.

Well, here’s another one of those articles.

Brace yourselves, a Reddit user who goes by the name of “PARTYxDIRTYDAN” was apparently fairly confident the Oklahoma City Thunder would defeat the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

In fact, PARTYxDIRTYDAN was so confident that after the Warriors’ game six win on Saturday, he promised he’d eat his shirt if Golden State won the series. Guess what? He ate his shirt Monday night.

Here’s the original Reddit thread. The original comment didn’t gain too much traction when it was first posted on Saturday, but after the Warriors won Monday night, it didn’t take long for the post to get noticed.

PARTYxDIRTYDAN did say he wouldn’t eat the whole shirt when he made the original bet and then reinforced that point during his video. In his first post he said he wouldn’t eat the whole thing because he was “not trying to get my stomach pumped haha.” While actually eating the shirt he made the point that he didn’t want to die so he’d only eat a couple pieces. Fair point.

Why on Earth would he bet a shirt? There’s so many other reasonable things to be to eat like dog food, a goldfish, or dirt. But a shirt? Come on.

The only question is, was the shirt eating basketball fan smarter or dumber than the hockey fan who had to get a tattoo of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on his butt? Or what about this Patriots fan who got a tattoo of the NFL Super Bowl 50 logo? And what about this fan who didn’t win or lose a bet or make a prediction, but just decided to pay an odd tribute to Bartolo Colon’s homer with a tattoo?

Remember, its because of bets like this why we can’t have nice things.

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