Charles Barkley on Celebrity Family Feud.

TNT’s Inside The NBA cast appeared on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud that aired Sunday on ABC, and Charles Barkley provided an answer so bad that Ernie Johnson briefly defected to the other team. When asked “If a man’s zipper breaks in church, what might he use to cover it up?”, Barkley responded “A child,” prompting gales of laughter from host Steve Harvey and the audience, expressions of dismay from teammates Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kristen Ledlow, and Johnson leaving and heading to the other team:

Barkley then dug perhaps even a deeper hole by saying “I meant a baby!”

However, despite the skepticism for his answer, it did make the board:

So maybe that wasn’t so crazy after all. Or maybe the survey respondents just think like Sir Charles, who’s known for plenty of unusual on-air comments and segues. Either way, having him on a game show made for some pretty entertaining moments.

[Ken Fang on Clippit]

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