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Boston Celtics backup center Luke Kornet has a hilarious moment in Thursday’s matchup against the Brooklyn Nets, where he was shocked by an excellent play he made in the game.

The play occurred in the fourth quarter with the Celtics holding a ten-point lead in the matchup when guard Marcus Smart threw Kornet an alley-oop. He proceeded to throw it down in impressive fashion, not even being able to look at the basket as he did it.

It was certainly a great play from him, but what made it absolutely hilarious was his reaction to the play, very clearly surprised that he was able to finish the reverse alley-oop attempt.

This video has taken off on social media, and many around the NBA world have chimed in on his comedic play from Luke Kornet.

“We have a new gif soon: Luke Korney’s “I got away with that” face,” tweeted Ryan Mahan of SJR Sports.

“Tallest American NBA player Luke Kornet with the Reverse Oop,” tweeted Cameron Tabatabaie of The Celtics Wire.

“Not even Luke Kornet could believe he finished a lob with the reverse,” tweeted NBA on ESPN.

This was overall a standout game for Kornet, finishing with 11 points and not missing an attempt from the field in the matchup.

Luke Kornet has largely been a reserve in the NBA thus far throughout his NBA career, so this great play was definitely a surprise to fans watching the game.

It is certainly odd however to see a player be surprised by their own play, and maybe this will inspire some confidence in his own abilities moving forward.

[NBA on Twitter] Photo Credit: Turner Sports

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