Despite much talk around the Boston Celtics making a big trade with their plethora of picks in the 2016 NBA Draft, they selected Cal freshman Jaylen Brown with the third overall pick.

Brown is already getting involved with the community, as he was at a clinic the Celtics hosted at Madison Park Community Center. At the clinic, a kid talked some smack to Brown as he told MassLive:

“He challenged me and I just blacked out. He said, ‘You ain’t good.’ He said Ben Simmons (the No. 1 overall draft pick) is better. So I said alright, OK.”

Brown did more than say, “Alright, OK.” He put the kid on skates, and dunked on him:

We see this type of stuff during the offseason where a player will dunk on a camper or things of that nature. But it typically isn’t as a result of trash talk, and it’s a promising sign for Celtics fans to see what type of guy they have in Brown for those who might have had questions.

The pick will definitely be questioned until they see what he can do on the floor, but all signs so far seem positive for the Celtics’ third overall pick in the draft.


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