Charles Barkley didn’t have a muted response to LeBron James’ desire for Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to spend more money, calling his comments “inappropriate” and “whiny”.

Barkley has a point about James’ conduct, but his overall point was better explained by Shaquille O’Neal after his rant was over. LeBron doesn’t need, or want, a player like Carmelo Anthony to bolster the Cavs bench – he wants a role player in the mold of Robert Horry! That’s perfectly valid, right?

Also, I love the completely unnecessary shot from Shaq about Barkley “not knowing” what it’s like to go for back to back titles, which O’Neal and Smith have done during their careers. O’Neal, of course, won three straight titles with the Lakers, while Smith went back to back with the Rockets. Barkley went to just one NBA Finals during his career and, with the Phoenix Suns, lost to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 1993.

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