Charles Barkley

NBA 2K is one of the best sports video games around right now, and it’s hard to find faults with the game on first glance. Though upon closer examination, there is someone missing from the picture.

2K17’s presentation, like its predecessors, uses a TNT game presentation in all aspects, including the halftime show. But one analyst is conspicuously missing: Charles Barkley. Why is that?  The rest of the crew is all there in their glory.

After talking with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, we all found out why:

So instead of 2K giving the money to Barkle,y who would then give the money to retired players, he wanted the game’s creators to give it to them directly, thereby causing a dispute, which means no Chuck in NBA 2K17. But there is another reason: Chuck isn’t the biggest fans of video games and thinks they’re dumb.

Regardless of what Barkley’s thoughts are on video games, he won’t be there to tell you that your maxed out stats create-a-player isn’t good enough to lead his team to a NBA title. What a shame.

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