Basketball legend Charles Barkley is not someone who tends to mince words. Thursday night, Charles decided that he’s seen enough of one NBA team and he doesn’t want to see them play anymore on TNT.

The Inside the NBA host seemed despondent while host Ernie Johnson was discussing the Los Angeles Lakers, who have been extremely disappointing on the court and become a circus off of it. When Johnson asked him what was bothering him, Sir Charles said he was done dealing with LeBron James and the Lakers for the year.

“I’m making an executive decision around here,” said Barkley. “We’re not showing them bums from Southern California anymore! We got to stop showing that team.”

The Lakers lost 132-111 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night, their seventh straight loss to their in-city rivals. At 27-35, the team is firmly entrenched outside of the Top 8 seeds, and making the playoffs feels like a scenario in which everything has to go right. If anything, everything has gone wrong so far this season, so that’s not looking good. And the off-court drama just seems to keep getting worse in the meantime.

We can understand Charles’ pain because it’s the same one that many NBA fans watching at home have been feeling as well when it comes to seeing yet another Lakers game on their television.


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