Chef's sushi shoe

If you feel spending $495 on a pair of basketball shoes is insane, perhaps you’d rather spend a fraction of that price on a pair of shoes you can really sink your teeth into. Finally, somebody in the world of the culinary arts has taken their sushi skills to new heights by modeling sushi in the form of the signature sneakers of various NBA players.

The master sushi chef behind these NBA-themed sushi dishes is Yujia Hu, an Italian sushi chef who is quite the fan of the NBA. Hu previously went viral for his sushi plates modeled after the likenesses of NBA players, but now he is taking inspiration from the shoes the players wear. For example, here are two different pairs of Air Jordans Hu shared with his followers on Instagram.

And here’s a collection of his various shoe models:

It’s not just NBA sneakers Hu is known to make with his sushi. He can kick it back a little and put together some sushi Vans too.

Hu also takes some opportunities to step off the sushi court. One of his recent postings showed off a sushi reincarnation of Barack Obama wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Hu also got in on the fun on May 4, which is celebrated by Star Wars fans all over the world.

Some of the designs clearly take more attention to detail than others, which is what makes these masterpieces a unique experience. The craftsmanship Hu puts into his work is to be commended, and enjoyed best with some wasabi on the side.


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