It appears Chris Bosh may have played his final game in the NBA.

An ongoing battle with blood clotting concerns has led to Bosh being denied medical clearance by the Miami Heat. The team was looking to welcome Bosh back so long as he passed required medical tests this week.

“Though the complication is not considered life-threatening if treated, it requires medication and playing with it is considered unrealistic,” The Miami Herald reports. According to the report, the recent blood clotting issues appear to be connected to previous clotting concerns Bosh has experienced, including one from this past February.

While Bosh and the Heat have been at odds over his availability and health over the past year, The Miami Herald reports that it is not expected Bosh will continue to fight with the Heat over playing this season. Does that mean we have seen the last of Bosh?

It very well may be the case. For the sake of Bosh’s health, of course, he needs to do what is best for him. If that means stepping away from basketball, so be it. We’re not here to tell Bosh what to do, of course, but there is no denying that living a healthy life is far more important than playing in the NBA. Right?

“Things have changed quite a bit for me, but I’m in good spirits,” Bosh said this week during a Facebook Live broadcast with fans. “I know things will work out for the best. And really, we’re just in the process of making sure that I can get back on the court.”

We’ll see if that happens, but it does not appear to be a possible scenario that will unfold in time for the start of the NBA season.

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