The Rockets look very much the team to beat in the West right now, although that is with Steph Curry’s return from a knee sprain still uncertain. But Houston can’t control that. What they can control is their series against Minnesota, and in the case of Chris Paul, the weather, because he certainly brought some rain with this layup.

The Harlan call makes it. There’s very little more exciting than a thrilled Kevin Harlan.

“Ohhhhh! It hit the RAFTERS AND DROPPED!!!”

So good.

A few more looks:

Paul did it in a blowout, after being hipchecked into the boards, and after being picked up full court, all while Reggie Miller was detailing Paul’s history of not making it farther than the second round of the playoffs. What a finish.

The Rockets are going to be up 2-0 in the series, and will face the winner of what could end up being a lengthy battle between the Jazz and the Thunder (tied at 1-1 after the Jazz won Wednesday night.) Is it going to be Chris Paul’s time? Maybe! But as long as we keep getting highlights like that, it will be entertaining either way.

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