Chris Paul is all business.

During the second quarter of Monday night’s Rockets-Hawks game, the Houston point guard was quick to ruin a moment between fans. After the Hawks’ DeAndre Bembry knocked the ball out of bounds, a fan on the Rockets sidelines picked up the ball and tried to give it to the woman sitting beside him. Paul didn’t have time for the exchange, ripping the ball out of the fan’s hands before the delivery could be made.

The man reacted by immediately putting his hands between his leg, while the woman appeared caught off guard by Paul grabbing the ball so quick.

This isn’t baseball. Unless the ball is kicked into the upper deck or given away by a player personally, you don’t get to keep it while live action is being played. There surely wasn’t any malicious intent here, but the guy probably should’ve just passed the ball back instead of trying to share it with his seatmate. At least the two will always share the moment. As for Paul, it’s no┬ásurprise he’s super locked into game action.

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