More than three years ago, way before LeBron James brought a title back home to Cleveland, the King tweeted the following.

While LJ’s tweet was in reference to the ongoing debate about who is the best player of all-time, former NBA All-Star Chris Webber took a stab at a different debate: Who is the best team player of all-time.

Following James’ historic Finals MVP series and first championship in Cleveland, Webber didn’t want to discuss the best player of all time debate on The Herd. Instead, he hit on why James has now passed Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson as the best team player of all-time.

“Magic was, to me, one of the greatest players that you wanted to play with because of his skillset, along with [Steve] Nash, because they got you involved,” Webber said on The Herd on Monday. “Jordan came in and the whole narrative changed that you have to be this killer, you have to do it yourself—six-time Defensive Player of the Year, you have to check everyone. 

“When LeBron came in passing…people questioned his heart and soul. What I love about LeBron is that he didn’t change his personality, and if kids emulate him they’ll have to be a team player. Period. So I put him as probably—I don’t like saying this over Magic—but the greatest team player of all time. By far.”

So while LeBron was referring to Michael Jordan in his tweet, it’s possible Webber’s MJ was Magic Johnson instead.

When looking at pure accomplishments, one might argue LeBron is behind both Jordan and Johnson. James has won four NBA MVPs, three Finals MVPs, and three rings. Johnson won three NBA MVPs, three Finals MVPs, and five rings. Jordan meanwhile beat them both with his five NBA MVPs, six Finals MVPs, and six rings.

But those are just numbers and awards that also have to factor in the team’s they played for and the players they played with. That’s what Webber wants to hit on.

It’s possible to be a great team player and win some MVP trophies, but not succeed in the playoffs. While most people are busy arguing that Michael and Magic are better than LeBron because they simply have more rings or more MVP trophies, Webber is just trying to point out that LeBron is the better team player of the three.

One could argue that’s the case simply by the fact that LeBron won titles with different teams. While all three players won NBA titles with star-studded teams, to do it with two very different organizations over the span of four years (2013 in Miami and 2016 in Cleveland) is no easy feat, especially when you’re the team’s best player both times. It requires great leadership and teamwork, both which Webber referred to.

While Webber argued that LeBron is the best team player of all-time, Magic Johnson didn’t hit on that argument and instead suggested he may still be ahead of LeBron in the GOAT category.

While we don’t want to read too much into this tweet, it’s possible that Magic is implying in his opinion, LeBron is only solidifying his spot the top five. As for where he ranks in that group, well let’s just say if he were top three Magic might have said that.

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