The Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers are taking the court against each other tonight in what could potentially become a playoff preview down the road. Some Sixers fans are already looking beyond that by attempting to lure LeBron James to The City of Brotherly Love, with three billboards in Cleveland making the sales pitch that LeBron would complete the process in Philly.

Those three billboards have certainly generated a bunch of discussions, and even LeBron had to say he was flattered anyone would go through so much trouble and investment to try and woo him away from Cleveland this offseason. Naturally, those in Cleveland have been a little more reluctant to take this all in stride. Fittingly enough, a billboard was the best way to issue a response to the three billboards in Cleveland, essentially telling Philly to forget about it.

Sixers beat reporter Keith Pompey shared an image on his Twitter feed of a billboard calling out Philadelphia and Sixers fans, with an image of a crown. At a quick glance, it appears to be just an image of a crown, but a closer look reveals the finer details. This crown is flipping off the city of Philadelphia.

Notice how all of the points on the crown are folded up except for the middle one. That is without a doubt a crown giving you the finger. And what is funnier than a crown flipping off an entire city?

Any other cities want to get in on the LeBron James and billboard trash-talking fun?

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