The Clippers desperately want to dethrone the Lakers as Los Angeles’ premier basketball franchise, so they’ve unveiled new courtside seating between the team benches to appeal to some of Hollywood’s notable names. But buying one of these “Star Courtside” tickets will cost more than three times the yearly salary of the average American. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the Clippers are selling the premium tickets for $175,000 a pop over the course of the season.

Including preseason, a ticket-holder gets to see 43 games for an average of $4,070 per game. At that rate, the “Star Courtside” seats aren’t even the most expensive in the NBA, according to Rovell. The Warriors and the Knicks offer more expensive tickets. So maybe this is a bargain after all:

“It’s extremely rare to have space like this open in any arena” Clippers president Gillian Zucker said. “What we did here was create new beachfront property.”


“The seats can be seen on television, so it can be for someone who wants to be seen. It is, after all, Hollywood,” Zucker said. “Companies, agencies or just a hard-core fan who wants to get closer.”

As with any premium option, the ticket price includes more than just a seat at the game. The package includes club access, in-seat waiter service, valet parking and a VIP entrance to the Staples Center.

The Clippers lost their biggest star this offseason when they sent Chris Paul to the Rockets in a sign-and-trade, and Vegas sportsbooks project them to be a borderline playoff team this year. We’ll see if they have enough going for them to fill these expensive seats.


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