Flagrant foul call on Knicks forward Josh Hart.

The New York Knicks are facing elimination in Game 5 on Wednesday night against the Miami Heat. New York got off to a bad start to the game, and a controversial flagrant foul against the Knicks caused some debate around the NBA world.

The play occurred in the first quarter on a jump shot from Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Knicks forward Josh Hart went up to contest a three-point attempt from Butler but was called for a flagrant foul for failing to give Butler any room to land.

The play was reviewed and it ultimately remained a flagrant foul, but the instant replay seemed to show that Butler may have kicked his foot out to initiate the contact.

TNT’s Jim Jackson discussed the play, saying that he thought the call should be reversed.

“They may reverse this,” said Jackson. “I don’t know if that’s a natural motion by Jimmy. Watch the kick right there, that causes the contact so this call may be reversed.”

Even though the call ultimately wasn’t reversed, many around the NBA world agreed with Jackson and thought that this call should have been overturned.



It definitely looked like Butler kicked his leg out. Whether or not it was intentional to draw the foul is certainly up for debate.

Regardless, it was a costly foul for the Knicks. It was Hart’s third foul in just the first quarter, which caused him to miss the majority of the first half.

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