The NBA trade deadline is coming up quickly, and that means the rumor mill is running wild. However, there’s one blockbuster deal that could actually make some sense.

We’re talking about the Chicago Bulls actually having the gumption to hit the reset button, and the Boston Celtics finally parting ways with precious draft picks. At least that’s if you believe the latest report from¬†Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical.

According to Wojnarowski, there could be a big deal between the two sides, as Boston looks to add a major piece to the puzzle in Jimmy Butler, while the Bulls could get the draft picks needed to hit the reset button.

In the video, Wojnarowski points out that talks “aren’t too far down the road” between the two sides. Still, where there is smoke there is often fire, and few big deals make as much sense as this one does.

After all, Chicago is a mess and in need of getting younger and fresher with the roster. Meanwhile, Boston is building something nice under the noses of everyone. Adding Butler could be the key to getting them further up the Eastern Conference pecking order.

Butler would be a great add, as he is averaging 24.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, and five assists so far this season. If everything holds steady, they would all be career-highs for Butler.

As for the Celtics, they have quite a few draft assets going forward. (Too many to list. Here’s the chart.)

Certainly that could be attractive for a Bulls team with an aging roster that isn’t going anywhere this season. Sitting at 28-29 in the Eastern Conference certainly suggests something needs to change.

Of course, any move to rebuild would not exactly square with the Bulls philosophy to this point. You’d think Butler would be a player to build around, not trade away.

Then again, this is the NBA trade deadline. Stranger things have happened.

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