Some feuds never truly go away, but need something to remind people they still exist. With the drama going on with the Los Angels Lakers with D’Angelo Russel and Nick Young this week, now was as good a time as any for Matt Barnes to take a crack at the expense of Derek Fisher.

Barnes was suspended for two games last October by the NBA for getting into an altercation with Derek Fisher, who was then the head coach of the New York Knicks. Barnes was upset with Fisher because the Knicks head coach was reportedly having a romantic relationship with Gloria Govan, Barnes’ ex-wife. Months later, Barnes still has an axe to grind, and he did so on Instagram with this burn on Fisher…

Russell has issued a formal apology in the public for recording a video of his teammate, Young, admitting to extramarital exploits, although he still has some work to do in earning trust around him.

Both stories focus somewhat on a bro code, which some take to heart to great lengths…

… but the bottom line here is multiple guys did really stupid things. Cheating on your significant other? Dumb. Recording a teammate’s confession that can be shared on social media later? Dumb. Gentlemen…..gentlemen, we can do better than this, MUCH better.

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