DeAndre Jordan is one of the worst free-throw shooters in NBA history, a man whose 52 percent from the stripe this season has brought his career mark up to 43 percent. No one should be surprised when DeAndre Jordan misses a free throw or even misses a free throw egregiously.

In Tuesday’s game between the Clippers and 76ers, Jordan’s free-throw shooting brought him particular embarrassment. He was 4-of-12 from the line during a Los Angeles loss and airballed not one but two freebies, the misses coming on back to back possessions.

And while the most likely explanation for Jordan’s misfires is that he’s a godawful free throw shooter, Sixers fans seemed to claim credit. Just watch them hoot and holler as if they had anything to do with Jordan missing.

This isn’t the first badly airballed free throw we’ve seen in the NBA this week, as Joakim Noah treated us to this hideous mess on Monday, but it is the first time we’ve seen one guy miss the rim twice in a game.

You’d think NBA players, whose jobs are centered around shooting a ball into a hoop, could all be at least passable at shooting a ball into a hoop. But from Wilt to Shaq to Dwight to DeAndre, we’ve seen enough awful free throw shooters to realize some guys just don’t have it.

It probably doesn’t have much to do with the crowd though.

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