The biggest story during the 2016 NBA free agency was undoubtedly Kevin Durant’s decision on where to play, which ultimately led him going to the Golden State Warriors. The move has led to discussions of the Warriors being a “superteam” and made the team the undisputed favorites heading into the 2016-17 season.

And while the offseason is typically quiet for NBA players, this happens to be an Olympic year, and Durant will be participating for USA men’s basketball. Joining Durant is DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers, whose team tried to get Durant to come and play for them.

So during an interview Wednesday, Durant was speaking to a reporter, when Jordan interrupted and asked why he didn’t join him in Los Angeles:

Durant seemed to be taken off guard, but quickly gathered himself and said that he would talk to Jordan about it another time. Everybody was able to laugh about the situation, and jokes were exchanged between Durant, Jordan, and the reporter.

While Jordan might have been half-joking, surely they’ve had discussions behind the scenes about it. They obviously weren’t completely bad, as you can’t totally bash Durant for making the decision that he did. Things are going to get very interesting in Oakland next season, and that was too much for Durant to turn down.


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