DeMarcus Cousins and the city of Sacramento didn’t always get along so great.

Cousins’ tenure with the hometown Kings was often frustrating for everyone involved—with feuds with coaches, locker room meltdowns and a whole lot of losses—and by the time he was traded to New Orleans on Sunday, some fans were content to see him go.

But at his goodbye party Monday night, Cousins spoke emotionally about his time in Sacramento.

“My love for this city has never changed. Even though I’m gone it’ll still be the same. I’m still looking out for these kids. Every family in this city matters to me, every soul in this city matters to me. Everything’s the same, I’m just not a King anymore, which is OK. The love is still here.”

For all his issues, Cousins has always seemed like a genuine, good-hearted person, and that shined through in his words about Sacramento. He might not miss the Kings’ dysfunctional front office or perennial losing record, but he’ll miss the people he grew to know, care about and love. That’s real.

At least one fellow NBA superstar approved of Cousins’ speech in Sacramento.

Never forget that athletes, no matter how talented, are humans like the rest of us. If you spent seven years in a city and then were forced to leave, you’d probably have some feelings, too.

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