Derek Fisher

Over the weekend, former NBA player and coach and current Spectrum Sportsnet and Turner Sports analyst Derek Fisher was involved in a scary single-car crash where his car flipped over on a Los Angeles freeway at 3 in the morning. Sadly, Fisher might have been part of the reason why, because he was arrested on the suspicion of a DUI right afterwards.

On Monday, Fisher made his first public comments and they were captured by TMZ.

TMZ Reporter: “Any comment about what happened the other night?”

Derek Fisher: “No not at the moment.”

TMZ: “Any regret or anything?”

Fisher: “(mumbles) No, I think what the most important is that we’re here and that no one else was injured that’s what… so from here, just, you know, focusing on the positives of being here”

TMZ: “Anything to say to people that have idolized you for so many years?”

Fisher: “No, just thankful and grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I mean, you know, prayer is powerful.”

TMZ: “Can you tell us what happened that night though anything with the accident? I mean you’re lucky to be alive to be honest. Is there anything that you can say?”

Fisher: “No, not at the moment. No, not at the moment, yeah, maybe at another time, but not right now.” 

TMZ also did manage to acquire video of the wreckage and it’s pretty crazy.

Fisher, 42, was with his girlfriend Gloria Govan driving on the U.S. 101 in Los Angeles when the incident occurred. The car hit the concrete shoulder and guardrail, turned over, and then ultimately settled on its roof according to California Highway Patrol.

When officers determined Fisher was drinking prior to the accident, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after he underwent a DUI test.

There’s been no word yet on if these charges will affect Fisher’s broadcasting jobs. He served as a regular analyst for the Lakers’ local broadcasts on Spectrum Sports last season, as well as a regular guest analyst for TNT’s Players Only broadcasts.


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