Derrick Favors dunk

Draymond Green and the Warriors have spent plenty of time this series blasting Salt Lake City, but Utah forward Derrick Favors at least got a shard of revenge during the second quarter of Game 4 on Monday.

Favors rejected Green’s layup on the defensive end, but the real damage came when Favors got the ball on offense. Here he is dunking all over Draymond with some quality face-to-armpit action.

That was the play of the night — at least through one half — but Jazz guard Dante Exum also had some a respectable nomination.

Exum followed Favors’ dunk with a two-handed slam of his own, flying down the lane to cut the Warriors’ lead to 14 points at the time.

Believe it or not, despite two nice plays, the Jazz are still doomed.


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