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A jury in Derrick Rose’s civil trial Wednesday found the Knicks’ point guard and his two friends not liable in the alleged rape of Rose’s ex-girlfriend, who sued the men for $21 million.

The Rose case centered around simple consent. On August 27, 2013 Rose and two of his friends had sex with the woman at her apartment. Rose claims she consented, while she says she was too intoxicated to do so.

Rose does not currently face criminal charges.

Via ESPN, here’s the basic rundown of the two sides’ arguments in the civil case:

The defense maintains the woman was angry Rose dumped her after she willingly engaged in sex with him and his childhood friends.

Attorney Michael Monico said the woman had no evidence of rape, so she lied that she was too drunk to remember anything and tried to sway jurors with tears instead of evidence.

The woman’s lawyer said the defense was “slut shaming” her by lying about her behavior that night. Her attorney said she was unconscious and couldn’t consent to sex.

Rose is still slated to start the Knicks’ season-opener against the Cavaliers on Tuesday.

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