Brutal groin shot from Desmond Bane towards Kevin Love.

The Miami Heat took on the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night. and a painful incident where Heat forward Kevin Love took an extremely hard groin shot led to an ejection for Grizzlies star Desmond Bane.

The incident happened in the third quarter with the Grizzlies trailing by 14 points. Bane tried to dribble past Love and the former NBA Champion made the unfortunate decision to step in front of him.

Bane proceeded to run him over and hit him below the belt which sent Love crumbling to the floor. He remained on the ground for quite some time before the offensive foul call against Bane was finally made by the officials.

The play was reviewed to ultimately get the right call on the floor. Bane was issued a flagrant 2 foul, subsequently being ejected from the game.

This was clearly a pretty rough groin shot, and many offered their opinion on the play on social media.

Love discussed the play after the game, detailing that he was hit so hard by Bane that his back started to hurt.

“There has only been a few times in my 15 years (in the NBA) where something like that has happened.”  said Love via Wes Goldberg of the Miami Herald. “I just got in a bad position and took it in the groin pretty good. All the men here, when you get hit so hard where your back starts hurting. That’s where I was.”

While Love clearly felt the impact of this horrible groin shot, it would be the Heat that got the final laugh in this game. They would go on to defeat the Grizzlies 138-119.

[Bally Sports Sun: Heat on Twitter, Wes Goldberg on Twitter] Photo Credit: Bally Sports

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