If only all NBA players could handle getting ejected as well as Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker.

The talented 20-year-0ld was ejected late in the fourth quarter during the Suns’ Thursday night matchup against the Denver Nuggets after receiving his second technical foul. While some NBAers would have flipped or gotten angry in the past about getting ejected, Booker handled it like a pro. That, or he is the most sarcastic person in the world.

He gave the referee a thumbs up, proceeded to calmly walk out of the main court arena, waved goodbye to Suns teammates sitting on the bench, signed an autograph for a fan and fist-bumped another one. Is Booker getting ejected or congratulated?

What likely separates Booker reaction from calm to catatonic is the timing of it. Getting ejected with less than 18 seconds left in the game where the Suns are down by double-digit points doesn’t mean all that much. The game was about to end, it was garbage time and a loss was inevitable. Why not have fun with it? Losing his marbles over such a silly ejection wouldn’t make a lick of sense.

Other NBA players should take note. Reacting positively to getting double tech’d and ejected makes for much more entertaining television. Next time, all Booker has to do is buy a fan popcorn to top this celebration.

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