Star athletes are known to get plenty of fan mail, some more interesting than the rest. Every now and then, a piece of fan mail will come through the mailroom that stands out in ways you can barely comprehend. On Wednesday, Dirk Nowitzki tweeted that he had received one of the most unusual pieces of fan mail ever: a potato.

And this wasn’t just a potato. This was a potato with Dirk’s likeness plastered on it!


As FTW points out, this potato seems to have come from Potato Parcel, a service that sends people potatoes with messages on them. The company was featured in an episode of Shark Tank last year.

Nowitzki offered no commentary about this carbo-loaded fan mail beyond “much appreciated,” meaning we can only now wonder what he ended up doing with the potato.

Sure, he could just keep it in his locker or at home as part of his collection of unique items gathered through years of professional basketball, or he could slice it and dice it and make some curly fries with it.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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