Sure, Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki could just throw away his leftovers when he’s done eating. He’s a multi-millionaire. He can just buy more food or pay someone to make more for him. But that’s not have Dirk rolls. If there’s leftovers, you better believe Dirk is taking them to-go.

When Nowitzki showed up for a Mavericks game on Wednesday with a tin foil-wrapped plate of food in one hand, people noticed. What they might be aware of, and what SB Nation did some disturbingly-good work compiling, is that Dirk does this a lot. We mean…a lot.

So what’s the deal? Is Dirk a food hoarder? Is he bringing the plate for Chandler Parsons? Does he just really hate to see food go to waste?

SB Nation inquired with Mavs PR and it turns out it’s just Dirk being Dirk eating like Dirk:

Yes, in Dirk’s old age he has gotten very particular about his diet. So, that said, he brings his own food to eat after the game. The plate that he always walks around with is his to-go plate that he brings his food on every game. He is a creature of habit, for sure.

So now we know.

[SB Nation]

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