Well, this ended up being a really fun game. The Mavericks are quickly becoming League Pass material, in the wake of the addition of undrafted rookie Yogi Ferrell, Dallas has gone 4-2, with just one truly out of reach game (their loss Monday night in Denver.)

Playing the second leg of a back-to-back isn’t easy, especially with Portland coming to Dallas; the Mavs won in the Rose City on Friday night, in what will probably be known as the Yogi Game. Ferrell went for 32 on nine threes, and that game went a long way towards earning him the two-year contract he just signed.

It was a back-and-forth game Tuesday night, with Dame Lillard putting up 22 in the first half. The Mavs had fairly balanced scoring, but found themselves down late. But a run brought them to within striking distance, and then Dirk went to work.

Here’s this massive bucket in transition:

I love Yogi running to the same spot on the left wing, then backing off once he realized Dirk had the same idea. Right move, young fella.

C.J. McCollum got a bucket, Devin Harris answered, and then McCollum converted and and-1. That left little time for Dallas to answer, trailing by two. Once again, Dirk turned back the clock:

That’s pure. Dirk would finish with 25 on the night. Dallas led with 3.9 seconds left, but after a timeout to advance the ball, the Blazers went right back to the hot hand in McCollum:

Good heavens. McCollum ended up with 32, including the final 7 points of the game for the Blazers.

Despite the defeat, Dallas fans have to be heartened by the team’s recent display. Coming back from a night game at altitude last night to play a tough (and motivated) opponent at home was never going to be an easy ask.

Yogi looks like he’s a legit NBA guard, which is a great find for them. Plus it’s always fun to watch Dirk turn back the clock and throw in rainbows from 25 feet.

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