Donovan Mitchell Credit: Bally Sports

The NBA world is buzzing over a ferocious, jaw-dropping poster slam dunk by All-Star Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell just torched the Brooklyn Nets and sent NBA Twitter ablaze with the monster jam.

The Comeback was among many to highlight the vicious dun.

“Donovan Mitchell with a vicious poster jam!”

Mitchell has spent much of the season putting on incredible performances. He scored 70+ points in a game earlier this season, as he dropped 71 points against the Chicago Bulls. Now, this dunk will definitely keep Spider in the headlines and he will definitely continue to dominate social media as well.

NBA fans went absolutely crazy over the incredible dunk, which left many jaw-dropped as it went viral.

Several had nothing to do but post in all caps.

Dylan Backer felt terribly for Yuta Watanabe. “How does Yuta Watanabe always end up on the wrong end of a vicious poster? Goodness gracious Donovan Mitchell,” Backer tweeted.

Bally Sports Cleveland was in disbelief. “Are you serious, Spida?!” they asked.

One fan had seen enough and considered it their “dunk of the year.”

Then they told everyone to “watch Donovan Mitchell show you how a poster is made.” Emphatic and true all at once.

“The Cleveland sports bloggers told me on this very website today that the Donovan Mitchell trade was a mistake,” Daniel Corrigan reminded.

Yikes, talk about a take aging like milk.

[The Comeback]

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