Javale McGee Dr Strange

Everyone has their breaking point when dealing with critics, and on Thursday night, Shaq’s relentless poking of Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee came to a head and caused McGee to lose his chill.

McGee didn’t much like being a part of Shaquille O’Neal’s “Shaqademy Awards” and he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Shaq’s attempt at some comedy on TNT on Thursday night.

It all started with Shaq going hard on McGee during this segment on TNT:

I mean, who doesn’t like seeing all of your career lowlights in one tidy video package?

McGee wasn’t having any of it, and fired back.

That only served to poke the bear and Shaquille O’Neal went H-A-R-D after McGee for awhile.

McGee’s response was a bit timid, all things considered.

Shaq upped the ante with a personal call-out for a fight when the two see each other next.

Naturally, McGee wasn’t backing down and even invoked his own mother in response to that personal challenge.

It ended with Shaq calling McGee a bum and posting one of the better photoshopped memes of recent NBA Twitter wars.

Down goes McGee! Down goes McGee!

I mean, even his lame “this dude can’t get enough of me” response proved he wasn’t about to answer the bell for real.

If McGee’s point was to defend his honor, he did it just like he plays basketball — poorly, at best.

Let this also be a lesson to those stepping up to Shaq: it is probably best to just walk away and never start it again.

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