Don’t worry, we’re not going to show Draymond’s penis.

Sunday is already a bad day for Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. Green was Snapchatting when somehow, for reasons still unknown, he accidentally posted a picture of his penis to the public. The picture stayed up for nearly 10 minutes.

Here’s a censored version, but we’re pretty sure you’ll get the idea oh what’s behind those emojis.


Why would Draymond do this? If I had to guess, I’d bet he was sending out a Snapchat story and accidentally clicked on a pic he took meant for other purposes. Or, it’s possible he meant to send this to an individual and accidentally posted it to his story. There’s no way he sent it out intentionally – unless he’s a complete idiot or really, really proud of himself.

As you might expect, Green claimed he was hacked.

The tired formula of an athlete sending out something inappropriate and then claiming they were hacked strikes again.

Sending out a penis pic “accidentally” is nothing new in the sports world (ask Brett Favre). Green might want to delete all of his private pictures off of his phone and be more careful on Snapchat. Otherwise, this accident could happen twice. God help us all.

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