Evan Turner and Draymond Green had a couple of outstanding bets on a pair of Ohio State-Michigan basketball and football games from the past few months. So when the Golden State Warriors visited Portland Wednesday night, Turner took the opportunity to collect on his Buckeyes beating the Spartans in their most recent matchups.

Not only did the Warriors suffer a 123-117 loss to the Trail Blazers, but Green had to pay up on the bet. While Green talked to reporters after the game, Turner looked for his payout.

“You owe me a hundred dollars, bro,” Turner was heard saying as he approached Green and the reporters gathered around him. Here’s the video:

Evan Turner and the Portland Trail Blazers handed the Golden State Warriors a loss Wednesday night, and after the game Evan Turner sought out Draymond Green to collect his winnings. The two didn’t have a bet on the NBA contest, of course, but the two did have some outstanding bets placed on a pair of Ohio State-Michigan State games in football and basketball.

As Green, a Michigan State alum, was holding a postgame interview with reporters in the hallway in Portland, Turner, an Ohio State Buckeye, approached Green to settle up.

“You owe me a hundred dollars, bro,” you can hear Turner saying as he comes up to Green’s postgame interview.

Turner’s Buckeyes upset the then-No. 1 Spartans in Columbus on Jan. 7, 80-64. The two also apparently had a bet on the Ohio State-Michigan State football game last fall, which the Buckeyes won, 48-3 (no, it wasn’t even close, Draymond), to help push them into the Big Ten championship game en route to the conference title.

Green paid Turner his winnings and the two went their separate ways, but they’ll always have their college conference in common. “Big Ten for life,” as Turner said.

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