Draymond Green Fight

Earlier this week, news broke of an altercation during a Golden State Warriors practice when Warriors star Draymond Green “forcefully struck” teammate Jordan Poole as part of a “heated interaction.” While the news of the ordeal was widely circulated, nobody had seen footage of the fight – until now.

On Friday morning, TMZ Sports released footage of the altercation that took place right in the middle of Warriors practice.

The video shows Green standing on the sidelines during practice several feet away from Poole. At some point, Green appeared to take exception to something Poole said and walked over to the young guard, getting right in his face. Poole did not take kindly to Green getting in his face and pushing the veteran. As a result of Poole’s push, Green swung and punched Poole right in the face, knocking him to the ground before the team swarmed him to stop the encounter.

The way Poole went down, it appeared that he may have even been knocked out by the strong punch from Green.

Once TMZ released the shocking video, it soon went absolutely viral on Twitter with many in the NBA world offering their reactions.


As of Friday, no charges or other disciplinary action against Green had been announced. But based on the reaction to the video, it could be coming.

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