The first five games of the NBA Finals were often a struggle for Draymond Green, especially regarding his shooting. But in the first quarter of Game 6, the Golden State Warriors‘ star finally snapped a long drought.

Green had missed each of his first 12 attempts in the series from three-point range. But for Draymond, No. 13 was lucky, as that was the attempt from beyond the arc that finally found the net.

Green’s struggles had been a topic of conversation among fans, former players, and even his own mother. But just as his struggles didn’t go unnoticed, his three-pointer caught the attention of the NBA world.

Draymond’s three was a part of a Golden State comeback in the second part of the first quarter. Trailing 3-2 in the series and facing elimination, the Boston Celtics started Game 6 on a hot streak.

But Boston’s big lead was short-lived. Golden State had already closed much of the deficit at the time of Green’s three-pointer. That shot brought the Warriors to within one. By the time the quarter was over, Golden State held a 27-22 lead over the Celtics. That lead extended to 37-22 until Boston’s Jaylen Brown made a three-pointer to halt a 21-0 run from the Warriors.

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